Commission a Painting or Drawing

109 North 3rd · Murray KY  


Commission Process:

Artwork may be commissioned of many different subjects, including portrait, pet portrait, beloved house, vehicle, florals, still life and landscape to name a few.  You may have a photo reference of something you’d like to see come to life on canvas as well. 

Once you’ve decided to have a piece of art commissioned, an initial meeting in the studio may be arranged and will provide you with an opportunity to see artwork in person and begin discussing ideas.  A phone interview may also be arranged.

After we’ve met and discussed ideas, subsequent meetings will be arranged as needed to proceed with the project.  This may include a photo shoot of the subject(s), a visit where the painting will hang if possible, and sketches or painting sessions from life. 

A 1/3 non-refundable deposit is required to begin a commission.  Clients may receive images of the piece progressing or come and see how the work is going in the studio.  Every effort is made to make sure both parties are satisfied with the completed work.  The remaining balance is due upon completion of the art work. 

Prices of artwork vary depending on size and complexity.  Oil portrait commissions begin at $8000.