Welcome to Gallery 109 & Fairbanks Studio

109 N. 3rd · Murray KY · 270-978-1522

Public Hours: By Appointment

Open a door to the world of art!

 Classes, commissions and a collection of fine art are offered at Gallery 109 and Fairbanks Studio.

About Us

Gallery 109 & Fairbanks Studio opened in September of 2009.
Housed in what was once the “Gibson Ham” Building in downtown Murray, the studio was built from scratch after being cleared out and stripped of the old walls, flooring and ceiling that had been collecting dust and critters for years. It was a cleaned out concrete shell when the opportunity came to give it a whole new life, with only one neighbor at the time on 3rd Street, Carraway Furniture.
Jennifer Fairbanks had been living in New York City for 11 years, her tiny Cobble Hill apartment doubling as a studio and becoming increasingly cramped. Though a lover of New York, she began to feel a need for change and more space. Through a childhood friend she learned of a great space in her hometown of Murray, Kentucky.
With the help from Falwell and CDM construction it all came together. A beautiful space emerged, allowing for teaching space, studio space and an option to convert and open it up for exhibitions.
Since opening its doors, Gallery 109 has exhibited artists both locally, nationally and internationally, but primarily is home for displaying the art of resident artist, Jennifer Fairbanks.
Classes are held weekly by Fairbanks and workshops added yearly. Jennifer also creates her own art in the studio, including commissions. Her trusty companion Brooklyn is always by her side and can often be heard barking or waiting for friendly folks to give her treats.